Cox Fire Protection Acquisition Announcement

Cox Fire Protection has agreed to the purchase of certain assets of Maximum Fire Protection.

About Cox Fire Protection, Inc.

Cox Fire is a leader in fire protection services with 32 years’ experience, protecting life and property in the Florida and South Georgia area. At the heart of our approach to growth in this market and economic climate, is an emphasis on obtaining and creating leadership to drive us successfully, as we continue to climb from the previous market crisis.

About Maximum Fire

As one of Jacksonville’s best fire protection service providers and contractors supplying fire protection systems, with a strong inspection and service revenue base in the north Florida market, Maximum is dedicated to providing exceptional service at a recognizable value to their clients. Max Moody is a long-time resident to the area and happy to partner with the Cox Fire team already at work in Jacksonville.

About the Future

Maximum Fire clients continue to receive excellent service in the Jacksonville area under the name, Cox Fire Protection.  Max Moody will continue to service the accounts in the area and look to expand and seek exceptional clients. It is our desire to continue doing business with you, either as a supplier, or as a valued client.  If you have any questions or concerns about this acquisition, please feel free to contact Scott Cox, President of Cox Fire Protection, at 813-980-3282, ext. 116.