Cox Fire names their 2017 Favorite!

For the past seven years, all Cox Fire employees have been offered the opportunity to vote for their Employee of the Year – to be named at our annual Christmas party.  What are the criteria for choosing the Employee of the Year?  There is none! This is all about employee opinion.  This is about the person who pitches in when an extra pair of hands is needed.  Who is always happy to help?  Who personifies the Cox Fire team spirit?  Who puts a great face on Cox Fire to the public?  Who goes above and beyond what’s expected of customers and coworkers?  Cox Fire voted, and by an impressive margin, that recognition for 2017 goes to Sandy Cress!  Sandy has been with Cox Fire for nine years and has excelled in each role she’s filled.  She is currently Cox Fire’s permitting agent, and management has declared that Sandy does not have the option to ever retire from this position!  Thank you Sandy, from everyone at Cox Fire, for being an inspiration to us all.  And congratulations!