Celebrating the Holidays and 2019

There was much to celebrate at this year’s company Christmas parties. During our awards ceremony, we celebrated the following:

Shout out to our new hires over the last year: Bobby Ballard, Brandon Manning, Margot McDaniels, Victoria Rolling, James Ainey, Walter Branon, Nathan Cress, Michael Durkin, Brandon Goss, Randy Hicks, AJ Johnson, Derrick Lopez, Tyler Manning, Lenny Milona, Shane Moore, Patricia Perez, Carlos Rendon, Eric Riley, Charissa Rivers, Devin Smith, Matt Steele, and Jennifer Yarbrough.

  • 5 Year Jackets went to Tim Frilling, Kevin Novatka, Chris Self, Troy Summerall, & Matt Taylor.
  • 10 Year Watches went to Jimmy Roberts & Rick Lunsford
  • 20 Year Ring with his second diamond went to Paul Pass.
  • A 30 Year Ring with his THIRD diamond went to Richard Holloway.

And we’re very proud to announce our 2019 employees of the year:

  • Jacksonville: Bobby Ballard
  • Tampa: Jonathan Mabry
  • Ocala: Rick Lunsford
  • Ft. Myers: Jason Romero

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate together. Our employees are what makes Cox Fire Protection the number one fire protection contractor in the state.